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Although Corona Plateau Branch is primarily a social network of women offering support and
advice to members, as a result of our activities there are surplus funds

which can be donated to needy causes.


Criteria for eligibility

In selecting appropriate causes to support, the Corona Branch committee will be guided by the following:

    Corona Plateau Branch will focus their resources on assisting WOMEN & CHILDREN
    Recipients of support within Mauritius and Rodrigues will be given preference
    Support can be given in the form of i) funds; ii) items; or iii) time
    A “Support Request” form must be completed for all potential recipients


Minimum details required for consideration are:


  • Description of need

  • Form of help requested

  • Outcome expected

  • Feedback schedule

  • Persons responsible for follow-up reports (recipient and Corona)

Please find below some worthy causes should you wish to support them.

Autisme Maurice

Charity Shop

This shop has been set up by Autisme Maurice, to provide work

for unemployed mothers of the association - some of them have received training to do handicrafts, which are be sold in the shop.  

We shall be grateful if you could relay the information to friends and families around you, as this shop also helps us to fund activities for autistic children in our school.


Geraldine Aliphon

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