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New Year Greetings from Pamela Cowan,

Corona Worldwide

Dear Friends,  


I apologise for being somewhat tardy with my greetings.   Christmas is behind us and the New Year beckons.   I am sending this to everyone on my list because I want you all to know how much you are all though of.  It has not been an easy year and we have lost some dear Corona friends but despite it all the lovely Newsletters keep arriving and are duly passed on.   My thanks to all of you for all the information you send.   It is much valued I can assure you.   We like to be able to keep up with both the happy and sad things that come your, and therefore our, way.

The weather in Cornwall has been really dull and miserable, with Cornish MIZZLE that seems to go on and on and on.   A colourful newsletter from sunnier climes does much to dissipate the gloom.   That is where Christmas lights come in too.   We are past the shortest day and come February the evenings will suddenly get lighter - it takes a while to kick in!!!!   It is always a special time of year with greetings from many Corona friends that one can no longer meet up with - but hey that is what it is all about and it is great to be able to remember the good times - it helps us to cope with the 'not so good'.

Many branches will be thinking about Annual General Meetings in the new year and hoping that people will come forward to fill vacancies on the various committees.   Please keep us informed so that we can keep our own lists up to date.   Our own HQ AGM is in March as ever - the day after Commonwealth Day - so not difficult to remember!

Have a great New Year celebration and this comes with very sincere good wishes for a peaceful, healthy and contented 2018.   Drop us a line if you are ever in the UK and able to get in touch.   My grateful thanks as always for flying the Corona flag and congratulations for all you achieve in Corona's name. 


With love to you all.  Pam.

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