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Corona Plateau Newsletter

AGM 2024

Notes of the AGM of Corona Plateau 
held on Friday 15 March 2024 at the Mauritius Gymkhana Club , Vacoas 
The AGM started at 11.00 a.m after members met for a short fellowship.
President Manda presented her report - 
she elaborated on activities which had taken place
from March 2023 to March 2024.
We invited 4 speakers only and focused on fellowship. 
We had 3 special lunches 
for Divali , Christmas and International Women’s Day
which  we all enjoyed.
She concluded by saying that despite calls for the renewal of the committee, 
no one had come forward except Neena and Lata. 
If we cannot find a new President, Secretary, Treasurer and Event coordinator, 
we will either have to close down or merge with another Corona Club,
as many were doing everywhere. 
She hoped that by the end of the AGM we will find new office bearers.
The finance report was given by Sunita who said the situation was fine 
in terms of finance but this year the MGC had increased the cost for tea, 
coffee and refreshment to Rs1000 per session.
We did not do any fundraising this year 
and even the raffle did not bring in a lot of money.
Rosemarie then said she had written to London 
to say we had not collected enough funds to pay the subscription fee this year 
as we had 18 members and as they pay each Rs 1000 and we have to pay 50% to London. 
We have received a reply from London to say that this was happening in several places 
and that there will be a meeting in May where a decision will be taken.
At the end of the meeting, after lots of discussion, 
the following agreed to take over as office bearers for 2024/2025
Neena - President 
Kamini - Secretary 
Lata - Treasurer 
Fifi - events coordinator. 
Congratulations to the New Committee. 
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